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image of Tamara Mon Louis
Tamara Mon Louis

How to create a data driven digital marketing strategy to grow your business

Tamara Mon Louis is Caribbean born US based digital marketing strategist and business developer. She has helped grow multi-million dollar businesses in the hospitality, travel, healthcare, and education sector for over 15 years. She’s developed digital marketing strategies to grow brands such as Hilton Worldwide and St Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Tamara leveraged that experience and founded Monivan Digital Marketing Solutions, a digital marketing agency where she serves as the Executive Director of Digital Strategy. Tamara is passionate about helping businesses to grow into mega-business through the use of proven digital marketing strategies. Monivan Digital is fast establishing a record of outstanding commitment in helping clients to identify new opportunities, build an online presence, foster engagement, and build loyalty with their customers.

Image of Jamila BannisterJamila Bannister

The 7 step brand strategy framework to help you and your business stand out online

Jamila Bannister is Personal Branding Strategist based in Trinidad & Tobago. She works with entrepreneurs who want to leverage personal branding as a marketing strategy to amplify their message and grow their business. She helps her clients by creating the systems and strategies to grow their brands, on helping people use content to grow their online presence and build their industry authority and leverages communications and PR to increase their network and and create mass appeal for their brands. She is the editor-in-chief of PERSONALITY Magazine, a digital publication dedicated to teaching and educating entrepreneurs about personal branding, a speaker and an author with her first book “The Brandprint” being published in 2020.

Image of Carla Williams JohnsonCarla Williams Johnson

Panel Discussion- Will the the Global market really want my service?

Carla Williams Johnson is an award winning Media Marketing Specialist based in Trinidad & Tobago.
She helps both business owners and entrepreneurs gain the clarity and the confidence to unapologetically make their mark in the world. She's been named one of the top marketers to follow and has been featured in global publications such as Forbes, Huffington Post, Thrive Global and BuzzFeed to name a few. Her inspiring story and her desire to help others has taken her around the world to places such as China, Australia, India, The USA, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and across the Caribbean.

Meet Your Speakers

Image of Adrian Augier
Dr. V. Adrian Augier

From Side Hustler to CEO: Setting the Foundation for Systems in your business

ADRIAN AUGIER is a Producer, Writer, and Creative Consultant active across several genres including Media, Theatre, Festivals and Events.
His produced work has been featured around the Caribbean, and in such diverse capitals as New York, Taipei, London, Seoul, Dakar, Dublin, Paris and Dubai.
As a Development Economist and Founding Director of the Landmark Group, he is also known as a keen advocate for leveraging creative industry into mainstream economic development.

Image of Andrea Ragoo

Andrea Ragoo

Managing your Finances as a digital entrepreneur

Her consultancy ATR Business Solutions provides quality professional-level expertise in the area of accounting, business management, financial management and compliance with statutory agencies. By customizing her corporate level learnings she helps entrepreneurs implement better business practices designed to maximize their full potential and prepare them for their growth.

Image of Belemare Ronabere
Belema Ronabere

Show me the money: payment systems from the Caribbean

Belema Ronabere is a business coach and creator of the LLC Formula . She helps new entrepreneurs grow and scale their business to six figures. She loves problem solving, testing out new tech software and systems automation. When she's not working on her agency, she helps international entrepreneurs gain access to payment gateways that help hem expand their business globally.

Image of Crisha Bowen
Crisha Bowen

How to create and launch a digital product your audience will love

Crisha Sarah Bowen is a native of Trinidad and Tobago who has been able to build a borderless online business by using her personal experiences to craft a message that inspires others to live boldly and confidently in purpose. As a former Human Resource professional, Crisha has used all of her life skills to now help others live the life they love and love the life the live on purpose. Founder of the vibrant social media movement Purpose Diaries, Crisha has been able to use her story of pushing past all types of painful experiences in life to extract the lesson, unlock the power in it and passionately pursue purpose.

Image of Eric Davis
Eric Davis

How to leverage SEO to drive traffic to your website

Eric M Davis has driven over $100 million in consumer product sales. Has helped companies rank in top positions for some of the most competitive key terms on the internet. Built social media audiences in the millions generating tens of millions of page views, and hundreds of millions in sales.

Image of Gabriel Saunders
Gabriel Saunders

How to grow an influential and profitable online network

Gabriel Saunders is a 25-year-old social entrepreneur and the Co-Founder of Turks and Caicos TV (TCITV), an influencer marketing agency bridging influencers to the Turks and Caicos Islands to increase opportunities for Turks and Caicos Islanders.
Saunders holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Business with an Entrepreneurship minor, as well as a Master of Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology (MBET) – both from the University of Waterloo.

Image of Kari Heron
Kari Heron

The secrets to creating sticky content that turns followers to clients

Kari Heron is the CEO of Barak Lifestyle Consultancy LLC. Born, bred, and fed in Jamaica, she is an expert on Caribbean foodways and has been a leading voice in championing Caribbean food and culture across the world. Kari is also the consummate Content Queen and Lifestyle Marketing Strategist.

Image of Kelsey Johnson
Kelsey Johnson

How to leverage Email marketing to increasing sales

Kelsey Johnson is the Product Marketing Manager at AWeber, one of the world’s leading email automation platforms. She specializes in helping entrepreneurs and side hustlers make more sales in less time through the power of automation, email marketing, landing page design, and eCommerce features. Kelsey is an email strategy expert, and focuses on helping all business owners scale their marketing efforts — no matter their experience level

Image of Kenrife Matthias

Kenrife Matthias

How to use automation to seamlessly scale your business

My name is Kenrife Matthias and I am the owner of Kencept Solutions a dgital marketing company in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. I am a Content Writer| Social Media Manager | Photographer - Digital Marketer.
My aim to help small businesses boost the artistry of their content through curated creative content such as; blog writing, email campaign writing, magnetic sales copy, social media content writing, business flyers & brochures, real estate and travel writing and photography.

Krystal Penny Bowen
Moderator- Panel Discussion- Will the the Global market really want my service?

Krystal began her communications and media career in a financial institution in 2011. Since then she has worked with several advertising companies, charities, and a health event business. Her specialties are copywriting, social media management, content creation and event promotion and planning. She has spent almost five years in media with the Barbados Advocate as a press journalist.

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Image of Marlon Hill

Marlon Hill

 Legally protecting your digital business

Marlon Hill is a business lawyer, strategist and legacy builder for entrepreneurs, family owned companies, non-profit organizations, and artist entrepreneurs, especially in hospitality, tourism, entertainment/arts, and media industries. Born in Jamaica and raised in Miami, Marlon is a double graduate of Florida State University in international business/finance and law and a past president of the Caribbean Bar Association, trustee of The Miami Foundation, and an active member of the Orange Bowl Committee. Marlon host a weekly commentary on Saturdays, 4pm, on, titled "D' Peoples Politics".

Image of Mervin Boodram

Mervin Boodram

Panel Discussion- Will the the Global market really want my service?

Mervin Budram is a Belizean entrepreneur, business owner, motivational speaker, award-winning recording artist, singer/songwriter & the host of the global entrepreneurial podcast, The 'Creative Monday Discussion' Show. Mervin loves to inspire, motivate, & transform lives through speaking, entrepreneurship, singing, music, art, writing, & digital media. Mervin is the founder and co-owner of TAS Belize Limited; a strategic marketing, and growing digital innovation firm focused on building a healthy business community. Mervin's desire to do good, make a difference in the world, develop leaders, inspire creativity, and bring dreams to life has led him to start Budram Solutions Limited; A social enterprise that manages collective training, music, art, books, films, podcast, and all form of digital media content developed by the Budram family & associates. The mission of Budram Solutions is to inspire people to freedom & wholeness.

Image of Michael CunninghamMichael Cunningham

Essential hardware and software you need to grow your business online

Michael Cunningham, founder of Unorthodox Media is an entrepreneur, business strategist and tech expert. His mission is to help entrepreneurs, coaches and course creators to build a business around the lifestyle that they truly desire by offering transformation via online services and products to their target audience. He is a WordPress junky and a video fanatic. He enjoys long walks on the beach and a doubles with slight.

Image of Michele Gordon
Michele Gordon

Simplicity of sales: moving your audience from prospect to loyal customer

Michele Gordon is a New Orleans-born, Southern California-based Online Business and Sales Consultant. Michele leverages 20 years of corporate operations, pricing, sales, and leadership success to help small and medium-sized businesses uncover their revenue blind spots and develop sustainable business and selling strategies that consistently drive revenue growth. She is passionate about helping her clients differentiate their company, product, or service to create trust, relevance, and longevity.

Image of Renee NicoleRenee Nichole

Panel Discussion- Will the the Global market really want my service?

Meet Renée Serrant-Layne, an online launch and funnel strategist, and avid track and field fan. Armed with her launch party framework, Renée works with online entrepreneurs, to guide them through successfully planning and managing the launch of their online programs, products and services in a way that feels fun, fulfilling and aligned with their vision and values. Renée is able to break down the launch marketing process into easy to follow steps, through her entice excite, IGNITE framework. Renée has proven, through her work with clients that having a profitable online business doesn’t mean that you have to lose that personal touch or spend hours of your life doing activities that frustrate you and steal your joy.

Image of Dr. Shevon Joseph
Dr. Shevon Joseph

Go small to go big: Finding and serving your market niche

Dr. Shevon Joseph is the Medical Director and Consultant Physician at Azalea Health Services, a women's health care centre located in Port of Spain Trinidad & Tobago. Dr. Joseph is a US trained and ABOG Board Certified physician with over a decade of experience working in large urban healthcare centers providing care to minority and immigrant populations. She provides medical management and professional obstetric and gynecological services at Azalea Health.